By using DYN, you will have experts on hand to help.

Irreproachable accounts, well-informed strategic advice and optimised taxation – we will help you to succeed in your personal and professional life projects by saving you time and sparing you from the bouts of stress associated with tax liabilities.


Whether you’re an individual or an entity, whether you’re part of a company or seeking help with your personal tax return, an accountancy firm brings together various qualified professionals in order to meet your individual accounting, financial, taxation and administrative needs, to name just a few.

Your accounting, financial strategy and taxes contain personal information that needs to be handled with the utmost discretion. Our teams are trained in cybersecurity and exercise increased levels of vigilance, ensuring your data is secure and handling it in a confidential manner.

In an ever-changing environment, laws undergo amendments and new fiscal opportunities arise. So as not to miss out on any of these and in order to ensure your capital is optimised, our professionals undertake ongoing CPD to offer you the most suitable solutions for your situation. 

Our teams will be happy to support you with the following services:

General accounting and administrative support

  • Bookkeeping
  • Personalised outsourcing
  • Supply and configuration of accounting software
  • Staff training

Financial planning and reporting

  • Consolidated financial statements
  • Financial dashboard
  • Margin analysis and break-even calculations
  • Preparing and analysing quarterly/annual budgets
  • Cash flow forecasting
  • Establishing cash flows and cash flow tables
  • Investment planning, calculation and management

Debtor & creditor management

  • Invoice accounting
  • Implementation of a creditor and debtor IT module
  • Managing payment deadlines
  • Payment of invoices by e-banking
  • On-going debtor analysis: detailed information, credit limits, influence on liquid assets
  • Reminders
  • Legal action and correspondence with the Debt Collection Office

Gestion du personnel

By outsourcing the management of your employees' salaries and social insurance, you ensure absolute confidentiality within your company and free yourself from these time-consuming monthly tasks. 

The DYN team offers you HR advice within the framework of Swiss jurisdiction: salary management, accounting and social security management, you don't have to think about it, we take care of everything!

Advice and assistance in the field of social and other insurance

  • AHV Fund - AHV/IV/EO/EO/FA
  • Accident insurance - AAP/AANP
  • Daily sickness benefits - IJM/PGM
  • Occupational pension provision - BVG
  • Civil liability - RC
  • Property insurance

Salary management

  • Preparation of monthly pay slips
  • Payment preparations
  • Issuance of salary certificates
  • Issuance of withholding tax statements
  • Deductions and payments to the debt enforcement office
  • Hourly wage calculations

Employee management

  • Search for personnel
  • Drafting and dissemination of job offers
  • Préparation à l’interview et entretien
  • Creation of the terms of reference
  • Establishment of employment contracts
  • Training plan and follow-up
  • Performance evaluation
  • Follow-up of absences
  • Employee reorganisation and/or departures 
  • Establishment of staff rules
  • Establishment of the cost settlement
  • Validating the payment of expenses in respect to the tax authorities

Strategy et direction financière

Our experts are here to help you with the following considerations:


  • Establishment of the strategy
  • Market analysis and organic or acquisition growth
  • SWOT analysis
  • Brand management and optimisation
  • Domiciliary service

Optimising your financial strategy through accounting and taxation requires 365° support with advice and support for your business.

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Our added-value

As a leader in the digitalisation of accounting tasks, we support you in the management of your organisation. We are at your side when making important decisions as well as for all day-to-day issues of your company, its management or its employees, according to your request.

Our services help you measure your success. The day-to-day management of your financial activities by our advisors provides you with high value-added support. This allows you to concentrate fully on your core business.

The DYN team is known for its flexibility and dynamism, adapted to your situation and necessary to meet your needs. We offer you the first meeting, during which we get to know each other, discuss your projects and evaluate your needs to determine to what extent we can be of service to you. The scope and recurrence of our interventions are defined in agreement with you and remain flexible throughout our relationship. Take advantage of the expertise and experience of our staff to whom you can delegate the management of your accounting, payroll, taxation and much more.

Tous nos services


Thanks to the automation of certain processes, our team will be able to support you in the evolution and modernisation of your back office tools and processes.


DYN Group brings together various qualified professionals in order to meet your accounting, financial, taxation and administrative needs, to name just a few.


Are you a private individual? A professional? A company? Taxation requires prudence and knowledge, and we can assist you in all your projects.

Advisory services

By accompanying you, we ensure a 360° vision in the advice and support of your personal and professional projects.


Audits are a legal requirement for all companies, and we are able to perform a limited audit of your annual accounts.

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