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Today’s world is full of uncertainties, and businesses need to be increasingly transparent with their accounts. Trust between the company’s stakeholders can be strengthened through rigorous checks performed by qualified professionals.

DYN Audit meets the criteria for employing approved auditors, having gained certification from the Swiss Audit Supervisory Authority in the area of auditing.

Our team of approved auditors can perform a limited audit of your company’s annual accounts and provide additional audit certificates required by law.

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DYN Audit can act as an auditor to perform statutory audits, providing both an external and objective view of your company’s accounts. The auditing service supports you throughout your company’s existence and advises you in order to guarantee the reliability of its accounts.

Limited audit

Limited audits must be performed if the full-time workforce averaged out over a year exceeds 10. Companies that do not meet this criteria may choose not to take part in the limited audit, provided that it has the consent of all shareholders.

If the companies which have exceeded the following thresholds over the last two financial years:

  • Total balance sheet CHF 20 million
  • Total revenue CHF 40 million
  • Workforce of 250 full-time employees averaged out over a year.

If the full-time workforce averaged out over a year does not exceed 10 employees, the company may choose not to take part in the limited audit, provided that it has the consent of all shareholders.

Additional audits

We can also intervene for special checks, such as:

  • Auditing foundation reports by contribution in kind
  • Auditing capital increase reports
  • Review in the event of liquidation
  • Auditing in the case of revaluations for the purpose of removing a loss from the balance sheet
  • Review on the interim balance sheet at operating and liquidation values
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Sarah Gretillat

Qualified accounting expert
Swiss Audit Supervisory Authority approved auditor expert

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Sarah Gretillat

Experte-comptable diplômée
Experte-réviseur agréée ASR


Sarah Gretillat est associée au sein DYN Audit depuis 2022. Active dans le domaine de l’audit depuis quelques années, sa personnalité dynamique et rigoureuse est un atout pour effectuer le contrôle restreint de vos comptes annuels ou vous fournir d’autres prestations de révision.


Bachelor en sciences économiques
Master en Comptabilité, Finance et Controlling
Experte-comptable diplômée
Experte-réviseure agréée AS

Langues :

Français – Anglais – Espagnol

Engagement :

Français – Anglais – Espagnol

Listed as one of the “Best tax and fiduciary experts in Switzerland 2023” by the PME & Bilanz newspaper.