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As an extension of your company’s finance department, we adapt both our solutions and services to achieve results in line with your expectations. We understand the advantages of short-term profits and never lose sight of the long-term global objectives. We set new standards for your company in terms of expanding into Switzerland and improving cash flow and solvency in the future.

From bookkeeping and salary management to sound policy advice and general taxation, we help you succeed in your professional and personal projects.

By using DYN, you will have experts on hand to help.

Our support

Whether you’re an individual or an entity, whether you’re part of a company or seeking help with your personal tax return, an accountancy firm brings together various qualified professionals in order to meet your individual accounting, financial, taxation and administrative needs, to name just a few.

Your accounting, financial strategy and taxes contain personal information that needs to be handled with the utmost discretion. Our teams are trained in cybersecurity and exercise increased levels of vigilance, ensuring your data is secure and handling it in a confidential manner.

In an ever-changing environment, laws undergo amendments and new fiscal opportunities arise. So as not to miss out on any of these and in order to ensure your capital is optimised, our professionals undertake ongoing CPD to offer you the most suitable solutions for your situation.

Our teams will be happy to support you with the following services:

General accounting and administrative support

  • Bookkeeping (weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual)
  • Personalised outsourcing
  • Advice on and configuration of the accounting software to use
  • Staff training
  • Domiciliation service

Financial planning and reporting

  • Consolidated financial statements
  • Financial dashboard
  • Margin analysis and break-even calculations
  • Preparing and analysing monthly, quarterly and annual budgets
  • Forecasts
  • Establishing cash flows and cash flow tables
  • Investment planning, calculation and management

Debtor & creditor management

  • Invoice accounting
  • Implementation of a creditor and debtor IT module
  • Payment of invoices by e-banking
  • On-going debtor analysis: detailed information, credit limits, influence on liquid assets
  • Reminders
  • Legal action and correspondence with the Debt Collection Office

People management

By outsourcing the management of your employees’ salary and social insurance, complete confidentiality is ensured at the core of your business and you are no longer burdened with these time-consuming monthly tasks.

The DYN team offers HR advice based on the Swiss legal framework: salary management, payment and management of social welfare insurance. As a result, your HR contacts will return to their original role of supporting your organisation and help your teams grow with confidence.

Salary management (payroll)

  • Creating monthly payslips
  • Preparing salary payments
  • Preparing salary statements
  • Preparing withholding tax statements
  • Withholdings and payments to the Debt Collection Office
  • Simulating and calculating salaries

Employee management

  • Personnel search
  • Drafting and circulating job vacancies
  • Preparing job interviews and discussions
  • Creating job specifications
  • Preparing employment contracts
  • Training plans and monitoring
  • Performance evaluation
  • Absence monitoring
  • Employee reorganisation and/or departures
  • Determining regulations: of staff/expenses/training/remote working
  • Validating the payments of expenses in respect to the tax authorities

Financial strategy and management

Our experts are there to support you in your company’s key milestones.


  • Strategy development
  • Market analysis and organic or acquisitive growth
  • SWOT analysis
  • Brand management and optimisation
  • Domiciliation service

Optimising your financial strategy through accounting and taxation requires 360° assistance with both consulting and support services for your business. 

As a leader in accounting digitalisation, we can assist you in the management of your organisation. We are by your side for important decision-making as well as for all the everyday issues that may arise for your company, management or employees, based on your needs.

Our services help you measure your success. Our advisors’ ongoing management of your financial activity offers you high added value support. This enables you to fully focus on your core business. 

The DYN team is known for its flexibility and dynamic approach, tailored to your situation and essential to meet your needs. We offer you an initial meeting where we can get to know each other, discuss your projects and assess your needs in order to determine the degree to which we can be of service.

The requirements specification and frequency of our involvement are established in agreement with you and remain flexible throughout our relationship. Benefit from our employees’ expertise and experience by placing the management of your accounting, salaries, taxation and much more into their capable hands.

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Your contact person in Accounting

Yuthanann Lauv

DYN Lausanne Director
Qualified fiduciary expert

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Yuthanann Lauv
DYN Lausanne Director

Yuthanann Lauv has over 15 years’ experience in the fiduciary field. His specific areas of expertise include business consultancy, payroll management and digital bookkeeping. His very calm and thoughtful nature makes him an excellent contact.


Certified Fiduciary Expert
Specialist in Finance and Accounting with Brevet Fédéral (Swiss Federal Certificate)


French – Cambodian


Member of FIDUCIAIRE|SUISSE – Section Vaud
Member of CEECVD

Listed as one of the “Best tax and fiduciary experts in Switzerland 2023” by the PME & Bilanz newspaper.