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Staff shortages, high turnover, digitalisation-related costs and data security – this array of complex issues also offers some great opportunities for the hospitality industry to develop further.

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Are you keen to launch your own hotel business or are you a restaurant owner?

Are you an investor in the hotel industry and would like some expert knowledge in the area?

The hotel and restaurant sector is currently facing a whole host of challenges on an unprecedented scale, forcing entrepreneurs to come up with new ways to reinvent their businesses.

Offering a listening ear is also part of our job, because the decisions you make have far-reaching consequences for your team and beyond. At DYN, we believe that a fruitful collaboration starts with our qualified team and extends to our customers.

We can offer you advisory services on all financial matters and streamline your company’s daily operations. Thanks to our knowledge, experience and implementation of digital solutions to optimise routine processes, together we ensure that your company runs smoothly.

We offer a range of services to assist you throughout your entire value-added chain: 

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Matthieu Chamorel
Qualified expert in finance and controlling

Matthieu Chamorel

Expert diplômé en finance et controlling


Matthieu Chamorel est associé au sein de DYN depuis sa création en 2009. Il possède plus de 15 ans d’expérience dans le domaine de la comptabilité, de la finance et du controlling. Le management d’entreprise, la finance et le développement digital font partie de ses spécificités d’expertises tant en Suisse qu’à l’international. Sa nature très réactive et dynamique fait de lui un excellent professionnel dans le milieu.


Master en Finance et Controlling
Expert diplômé en Finance et Controlling
Spécialiste en Finance et Comptabilité avec Brevet Fédéral

Langues :

Français – Anglais – Allemand – Italien

Engagement :

Membre du comité des associations professionnelles FIDUCIAIRE|SUISSE – Section Vaud et CEECVD
Président de la Commissions de formation professionnelle Fiduciaire-immobilier
Expert digital en controlling et comptabilité
Conférencier EXPERTsuisse

Listed as one of the “Best tax and fiduciary experts in Switzerland 2023” by the PME & Bilanz newspaper.