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Digitalisation is playing an increasingly greater role in companies’ back office activities. We know how to advise you on the most suitable solution for your industry.

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Are you an industrial company in the energy sector, in waste recycling or in the production of materials or of elements based on raw materials?

Are you lacking both the time and workforce that you need to perform financial controls? We can perform full margin analyses, long-term investment calculations and any financial analysis that is required for your company’s development.

As critical thinkers, we work in close collaboration with you and offer a range of software solutions with a 360° service support in the fields of accounting and administration, people management, taxation, as well as many other areas. DYN is also certified to take part in audit cases for limited audits, specific checks and examinations, as well as in the management of your insurance.

Our experts have worked in major industrial groups and understand the challenges that you face.

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Valentin Henny
Specialist with federal certificate in finance and accounting

Valentin Henny

Spécialiste avec Brevet Fédéral en Finance et en Comptabilité


Valentin Henny est associé au sein de DYN depuis sa création en 2009. Son expertise dans le conseil financier est forte de plus de 20 années d’expérience. Le management d’entreprise, la mise en place de stratégie, la gestion de trésorerie et les plans de financement font partie de ses domaines de compétences. Sa personnalité calme et positive est un atout pour nos clients.


Spécialiste en Finance et Comptabilité avec Brevet Fédéral

Langues :

Français – Anglais 

Engagement :

Membre de FIDUCIAIRE|SUISSE – Section Vaud

Listed as one of the “Best tax and fiduciary experts in Switzerland 2023” by the PME & Bilanz newspaper.