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Sport, Culture & Education

Your employees, often expatriates, need personalised support to facilitate their adjustment to the Swiss system. We help you prepare their integration into your organisation as part of our 360° personal service.

Our support

Are you part of a foundation, association or international sports federation? Are your associates Swiss or expatriates?

Based in the heart of the Olympic capital, we have had the opportunity to work with many renowned associations and have developed a special affiliation with the voluntary sector.

We have a vast network of professionals from related sectors, including the banking and legal sectors. The fact that we examine all the financial drivers that can influence your project highlights our expertise.

The financial monitoring of your organisation requires meticulous bookkeeping by adhering to the tax exemptions and regulations in force.

Accounting & reporting
Your contact person in Sport, Culture & Education
Luigi Carluccio
Assistant Director
Qualified expert in finance and controlling
Specialist in finance and accounting with federal certificate

Luigi Carluccio

Expert diplômé en finance et controlling
Spécialiste en finance et comptabilité avec brevet fédéral


Luigi Carluccio a rejoint DYN en mai 2021 en tant que sous-directeur. Il possède plus de 17 ans d’expérience au sein de multinationales, ce qui lui permet de conseiller et d’assister les clients dans les différents aspects comptable, juridique, salarial, fiscal, et en controlling. Précis, rigoureux et analytique, il est un atout pour nos clients.


Expert diplômé en Finance et Controlling
Spécialiste en Finance et Comptabilité avec Brevet Fédéral

Langues :

Français – Italien 

Engagement :

Membre de FIDUCIAIRE|SUISSE – Section Genève
Swisco – Chambre des Experts en Finance et Controlling

Listed as one of the “Best tax and fiduciary experts in Switzerland 2023” by the PME & Bilanz newspaper.