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Whether you’re launching a start-up or at the helm of a multinational, we will support you in developing your business.
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Would you like to set up your own business? Are you an entrepreneur or even an employer already? Do you provide a service? Advisory services?

Setting up your company as a business requires strategic knowledge on every level: finance, accounting, recruitment and digitalisation – to name but a few. And are you familiar with the regulations in terms of business tax?

Complex issues arise at every turn, and entrepreneurs find themselves having to make decisions in unknown areas.

Well-informed decisions need to be made without delay, because setting them in stone promptly makes a huge difference. As an entrepreneur, our team is highly proactive in order to provide you with 360° services in the areas of accounting, taxation, insurance and auditing. Thanks to our digital skills, we develop solutions tailored to the needs of your daily operations.

Equipped with extensive experience in the aforementioned areas, our experts are here to advise you.

Accounting, reporting and M&A
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Jonathan Beuchat
Specialist in finance and accounting with federal certificate
Holder of the CAS Mergers, Acquisitions and Transfers of Companies

Jonathan Beuchat

Spécialiste en finance et comptabilité avec brevet fédéral
CAS en fusions, acquisitions et transmissions d’entreprises


Jonathan Beuchat est associé au sein de DYN depuis sa création en 2009. Il possède plus de 15 ans d’expérience dans le domaine de la comptabilité. La finance, le controlling et les fusions, acquisitions et transmissions d’entreprise font partie de ses spécificités d’expertises tant en Suisse qu’à l’international.


Spécialiste en Finance et Comptabilité avec Brevet Fédéral
CAS en fusions, acquisitions et transmissions d’entreprises

Langues :

Français – Anglais – Espagnol – Russe

Engagement :

Membre de FIDUCIAIRE|SUISSE – Section Vaud
Swiss M&A Experts Chamber

Listed as one of the “Best tax and fiduciary experts in Switzerland 2023” by the PME & Bilanz newspaper.