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The life stages of natural and legal persons always lead to many questions.

Whether we are talking about a company at the time of: creation, acquisition, merger, liquidation or in the context of an individual at the time of a marriage, a birth, a divorce.
What impact will this have on your taxes and business?

Our support

Whether you’re an individual or an entity, we are able to advise you to make the best choice. You want to ensure that your loved ones have a bright future ahead and it’s your responsibility to find a solution.   Ultimately it’s you who makes the decision, once you have all the right tools and expert advise from seasoned professionals at your disposal. 
Do you have financial potential ?  

We support you in structuring your assets and we offer asset management optimisation for your wealth. We can also help you to put in place a family office to support your family’s financial and administrative activities.  

We assist you and recommend specialists from the legal, insurance, banking and notarial fields, as well as other professionals in our network. We put you in touch with the best advisors for your life projects. 

For entities

We assist you with your company’s incorporation process and also with strategic mergers, business valuations (due diligence, company check-ups).

We analyse any problem areas to identify their causes and resolve them by performing complete structural analyses with a view to maximising the return on your projects.

Among other things, we will analyse your internal control, risk, people, IT and digitalisation strategies, and we will implement dashboards, reporting and BI to take stock of the current situation and thus ensure ongoing monitoring. 

Strategy and financial management


  • Strategy development
  • Market analysis and organic or acquisition growth
  • Brand management and optimisation

Financial management

  • Developing a risk control system
  • Analysing and establishing processes and procedures
  • Due diligence


  • Of ERP system
  • Of administrative and financial management
  • Of management tools 

Support and training


  • Explanation of the various payroll deductions made in Switzerland
  • Explanation of the Swiss tax system
  • Legal explanation of various company-related specifics 


  • Training on our range of accounting systems
  • Training on bookkeeping in line with the applicable standards in Switzerland
Any questions?
Need to be accompanied?

Your contacts in the Council

Jonathan Beuchat

Specialist in finance and accounting with federal patent
CAS in mergers, acquisitions and business transfers

Valentin Henny

Specialist with Federal Certificate in Finance and Accounting

All of our services


DYN Group brings together various qualified professionals in order to meet your accounting, financial, taxation and administrative needs, to name just a few.


Audits are a legal requirement for all companies, and we are able to perform a limited audit of your annual accounts. 


Are you a private individual? A professional? A company? Taxation requires prudence and knowledge, and we can assist you in all your projects.

Advisory services

By accompanying you, we ensure a 360° vision in the advice and support of your personal and professional projects.


Thanks to the automation of certain processes, our team will be able to support you in the evolution and modernisation of your back office tools and processes.


DYN Group brings together various qualified professionals in order to meet your accounting, financial, taxation and administrative needs, to name just a few.