Award for DYN Group

Once again this year, the DYN Group is proud to have been named “Switzerland’s top tax and trust experts 2024” by the SME newspaper, in collaboration with Bilanz and Statista. This recognition underlines our ongoing commitment to excellence in the field of tax and trust. In the “Tax consultancy and trust firms” category in the […]

Taxation in the Vaud region: a balanced system that promotes economic development

Introduction Taxation is a key aspect of any economy, and the canton of Vaud in Switzerland is no exception. In Switzerland, Swiss taxation is based on a federal law on the harmonisation of direct taxes. On this basis, each canton has its own tax system with corresponding cantonal laws. Cantons are responsible for setting their […]

Advice – Business transfers: a crucial issue to ensure continuity and economic growth

Business transfer is a milestone in the life of a company. It represents the handover from entrepreneur to successor, thus guaranteeing the long-term future of the business. Business transfer is a complex process that requires meticulous planning and adequate preparation. In this blog we will explore the issues surrounding business transfers and the importance of […]

The digitalisation of finance: a growth driver for SMEs

Introduction The digital era has transformed many aspects of our everyday lives, and corporate finance is no exception. This digital revolution is completely changing both the face of the financial industry and traditional ways of working. In this article we discuss how the digitalisation of finance impacts SMEs. We will explore the advantages and opportunities […]

Listed as one of the “Best tax and fiduciary experts in Switzerland 2023” by the PME & Bilanz newspaper.